To identify, recognise and eliminate or, where elimination cannot be reasonably achieved, control workplace hazards to minimise risk and promote the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved in, or in close proximity to, all of our business activities.

We are committed to providing a world class safe and healthy environment in which to carry on our business activities, to protect our employees, contractors and visitors from harm.

We recognise that Health and Safety is a process of continual monitoring, reviewing, refreshing and improvement.

We rank Health and Safety as our Primary Business Objective, ahead of all other business and commercial considerations.

We seek to demonstrate this through:

  • All of our Company Directors being IOSH-qualified, ensuring that the importance of Health & Safety is understood and driven from the top down
  • Actively promoting a safety-first culture in regular communications with employees
  • Empowering and encouraging all employees of whatever rank or position to report hazards, near misses, incidents and accidents without fear of reprisal, to the extent of stopping production should they have a health or safety concern that warrants it
  • Making it easy to report hazards and incidents via mobile technologies made available to our employees
  • Having a full-time, NEBOSH-qualified, Health and Safety specialist employed in the business, supported by IOSH-qualified Health & Safety Champions on each shift and in back-office operations
  • Making Health and Safety an integral part of the induction process for new employees
  • Training all employees in safe working practices, tailored to specific tasks and roles where necessary, and refreshing that training on a regular basis
  • Ensuring compliance with all mandatory training requirements and that this is up to date and refreshed in a timely manner and in accordance with the law
  • Maintaining all plant & machinery to a high standard, ensuring it is safe to use at all times
  • Carrying out full risk assessments across our business processes, recording them and reviewing them in a timely manner
  • Conducting regular safety audits, both internally and through engaging with external Health & Safety professionals
  • Maintaining an active Health & Safety Committee involving board members and meeting monthly
  • Putting Health & Safety on the agenda at daily team and regular Board and other meetings
  • Setting ambitious Health and Safety targets and monitoring performance; benchmarking our business against other companies recognised for best practice
  • Carrying out regular health screening checks for employees
  • Maintaining a trained team of first aiders on site, including mental health first aiders
  • Raising awareness of physical and mental health issues; providing information and guidance
  • Maintaining defibrillation equipment on site with people trained in its use
  • Providing suitable and effective workwear and PPE for all employees and site visitors, replacing worn out items regularly
  • Supporting our Health & Safety mission through appropriate budgetary funding
  • Reinforcing our commitment to Health & Safety through adopting a zero-tolerance approach towards wilful or deliberate breaches of our safety policies, procedures, practices and protocols

Ian Thurley BA(Hons) ACMA, CGMA, IOSH – Chief Executive                                                     

March 2022