Our Employer Pledge to End Discrimination and Stigma around Mental Health

Time to Change are a social movement who are passionate about changing the way we all think and act around mental health. It includes thousands of people who have their own experience of mental health problems and people who campaign in workplaces, schools, and communities to make stigma and discrimination a thing of the past.

Since January we have been working on our Time to Change Employer Action Plan, in preparation for signing our Employer Pledge which our Chief Executive, Ian Thurley, completed on 21st August 2020.

Some of the things we have already achieved include training three supervisors for Mental Health First Aid and rolling out mental health awareness training across the company. We have subscribed to an Employee Assistance Programme which includes access to face to face counselling and we have a Welfare Committee with representatives from all of our work teams.

Platform 1 Visit

On Friday 4th September 2020 we were joined by Gabby Hurt from Platform 1 at our employee briefings. She came along to speak about the work they do and how as individuals and an organisation we can support them further. The Company donated £1,000 to help support the invaluable work they do.

About Platform 1

Platform 1 is a unique men’s health and crisis charity based in Huddersfield. They offer a package to men where they can recover at their own pace in a safe and non-judgemental environment through a variety of activities such as joinery, gardening, upholstery, up-cycling and bike maintenance.

The work they do can be lifesaving and during the pandemic their workload has grown, despite having to close their premises. At the start of ‘lock-down’ they launched an outreach programme and freephone helpline – 0800 066 2828 – to ensure that members and the wider community could still gain access to support. Since March they have helped over 1,200 men.

Our Community
Our Community

Bob Morse, Project Manager at Platform 1, had this to tell us:

“What amazes me is the willingness of people to help those that they have never known. Platform 1 does a lot of work with ‘invisible’ men. These are men who have often ‘dropped off the radar’ for a wide range of reasons. They have often been driven to contemplate suicide – the ultimate ‘cry for help’. They could be suffering from a number of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety and panic attacks – conditions which society tends to overlook or belittle and dismiss, especially in the predominantly male ‘macho’ culture which exists in many places. Their condition makes them become reclusive and this can cause them to lose touch with family and friends. Their behaviour may be erratic and occasionally violent; sometimes made worse by drink and self-medication.”

Through Platform 1, such men can find a safe place where they are treated with respect, shown empathy and given practical support and encouragement, regardless of the things that have led them into crisis. We help them recover, repair, rebuild and re-join family, friends, their community and society at large.