Career Opportunities at Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd.

Why work for us?

Fulfilling our mission to become a local employer of choice means delivering outstanding work opportunities to the local area. The people in the business are at the heart of our mission.

As the largest UK manufacturer of high quality welded mesh, we look for people who embody our core values of Trust, Honesty, Openness, Integrity, Commitment and Fun.

What that means for a new recruit is that from day one you will be part of the wider Siddall and Hilton team. You’ll attend company briefings, you’ll know how the business is performing, and you’ll be encouraged to approach your work with an open and questioning mind. Our participative approach means you will have opportunities to bring forward new ideas and be listened to when you have something to say. We believe in providing rewarding opportunities for personal development, whether that’s becoming proficient in multiple areas of the manufacturing operation, building leadership skills, or studying for vocational qualifications. We aim to create an environment in which people are encouraged to reach their full potential and can embark on a stimulating, rewarding and secure career with our Company.

When we recruit, we are looking for people with a high level of commitment and the drive and enthusiasm to develop themselves and help to move the business forward. Most roles are trained in-house and some may be suitable for those without prior experience.

We are committed to employee wellbeing – health and safety is at the top of our agenda and we also run initiatives to support mental health including an Employee Assistance Programme. We have a Wellbeing Committee consisting of employees from different parts of the business and we have trained First Aiders, Mental Health First Aiders and Fire Wardens. Every employee has the opportunity to participate in these initiatives.

This year we continued our engagement survey through the ‘Best Companies to work for’ accreditation system.

We are thrilled to have improved from our first ‘One to Watch’ status, to a ‘One Star’ rating, which is a special status awarded to organisations where workplace engagement is Very Good.

Achieving a ‘One Star’ status reflects very good levels of workplace engagement. We’re working hard to understand how our employees feel, listening to valuable, honest feedback that we can use to make a positive difference.

We’re enjoying the experience of making improvement happen together.