Siddall & Hilton has a large market presence in the fence industry. Steel mesh is a popular choice for a variety of applications as it’s extremely robust, corrosion-resistant, and provides high levels of security. It is widely utilised in commercial, industrial, and residential environments.

We manufacture high-quality steel mesh fencing using innovative production techniques and cutting-edge technology. We also provide bespoke solutions which are suited to our customer’s individual requirements.

Our dedication to fulfilling the highest quality and customer satisfaction standards has helped us establish a strong reputation in the global fencing industry.


The industrial mesh industry is a broad and developing market, and Siddall & Hilton is proud to play an important part in meeting its demands. Industrial mesh panels are utilised for a variety of purposes, including secure storage and racking, multiuse fabrication,

Our high-grade industrial mesh panels meet our client’s quality standards. We manufacture industrial mesh panels that are robust, reliable, and efficient by utilising innovative production techniques and technologies. Our products are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments while meeting the most stringent performance standards.


With the pressure of increased regulation, health and safety compliance and ever-more stringent quality measures, the demands placed on the construction sector are unrelenting. Coupled with competitive and industry pressure to deliver more for less, driving cost-efficiencies whilst delivering more sustainable outcomes, it’s critical that the products used deliver maximum performance as well as maximum value.

As the market leader in the supply of welded wire mesh products for use in a wide range of construction applications, we’re trusted to deliver exceptional products that are as safe as they are effective. Drawing on our extensive technical knowledge base to design and manufacture innovative and flexible products, we work side by side with the industry to stay at the forefront of its wire mesh requirements.

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