Sectors | Fencing

Schools and education

Providing a safe and secure external environment for those in education is increasingly seen to be just as important as internal safety measures. However, we also recognise that this needs to be done in a way that is unobtrusive and feels comfortable and reassuring rather than excessive.

We have designed a range of products that offer excellent see-through visibility whilst proving exceptional strength and rigidity, blending security with aesthetics to create a feeling of safety in this important environment.

Hospitals and health

As with all public services, it’s crucial that those visiting and those working on the premises feel safe and secure. We offer a number of products that provide an exceptional level of perimeter protection with varying levels of see-through visibility to meet the needs of this important sector.

Prison and secure facilities

For premises that are as vulnerable to people getting out as they are people getting in, it’s crucial that the perimeter system delivers on performance as well as compliance. We understand the importance of system rigidity and strength as well as the ability to integrate with other security, alarm and detection systems.

Our products are trusted by the industry to perform in even the most demanding of environments, offering a secure and reliable solution every time.

Leisure and outdoor

From parks and playgrounds to visitor attractions, we have a range of products that provide a safe and secure environment for those using the amenities on offer. Our designs are sympathetic to creating the feeling of openness whilst offering assurance and confidence that there is a secure permitter in place if needed.

Public safety is paramount and our systems offer a number of flexible options to deliver the desired outcomes, wherever it’s located.